Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud Cost Optimization is designed to help IT organizations measure, identify and target waste within specific public cloud providers. With today's average cloud deployment losing 35% of cloud expenses to waste, Cloud Cost Optimization should be a top priority for IT organizations who have adopted cloud in scale.

Data Empowered

Tools provide specific insights with real world usage. Findings are visualized using enterprise dashboards to highlight results.

Get Beyond Tool Limitations

Cloud Optimization Tools can be powerful aids to reduce waste, yet typically miss entire categories of opportunity. Cloud Cost Optimization is designed to find both strategic and tactical savings.

Eliminate Waste
in Many Forms

Cloud Cost Optimization measures ten different categories of cloud expense to find savings.

Succeed Where Most Initiatives Fail: Accountability

Cloud Cost Optimization is designed to go beyond tools limitations, by driving accountability and urgency. We can even execute the changes as part of the service.

Engagement Focus

Business Benefits

Surveys estimate that the average enterprise wastes $0.35 for every dollar spent in cloud. With so many IT organizations focused on how to transition and enable cloud services with their business applications, cloud cost optimization is often overlooked. Get beyond tool reports and solve the real barriers to saving, accountability and urgency. Cloud Cost enables IT to deliver cost savings directly to the bottom line of the business.

Measure real world usage and chart cost priorities

Cloud Cost Optimization empowers decisions using real world data while accelerating cumulative ROI

Simple, actionable recommendations become results

Cloud Cost Optimization is a turnkey approach to identifying and eliminating waste.

Stay current on pricing and strategic architectural opportunities

Cloud Cost Optimization allows end users to run "what-if" scenarios based upon the most current pricing changes, allowing IT to continually provide savings insights to the business.

Shifts from shelfware to results

Cloud Cost Optimization shifts focus from automated reports that no one reads to a program driving accountability and powerful insights. Dashboards, workflow and savings scrums ensure on-going cumulative results.