IT Strategy

Strategy X-Ray

Strategy X-Ray is a multi-dimensional data driven engagement designed to provide IT executives with clear insights to risks, gaps, long term functionality, roadmap and a business case to drive IT transformation and alignment of IT capabilities to business.

Data Empowered

Today’s decisions require multiple dimensions of data to illustrate the complexities of execution and adoption. Scoring and algorithms drive results and consensus in complex environments.

4 Dimensions
of Insights

Illustrate key insights across 4 dimensions, including Value, Risk, Impact & Cost, to drive quick results and success.

Clear Priorities,
Rapid Results

Empower others to act independently while setting clear expectations for outcomes, investment and timeframes.  Start delivering results week 1 and continue throughout the program.

The Root Causes,
Not Symptoms

X-Ray’s allow a doctor to see inside a person, to diagnose beyond what is immediately visible. Strategy X-Ray focuses on the reasons behind the reasons to empower decisions.

Engagement Dimensions

Business Benefits

Focus on root causes, not symptoms

Strategy™ X-Ray is designed to get below surface symptoms using data, analytics, and to identify root cause insights.

Build a Roadmap to guide the vision

Strategy™ X-Ray highlights IT Goals & Capabilities for the next 3 years for IT to support the needs of the business.

Make data visual to power decisions

Strategy™ X-Ray visualizes factors to define and make change measurable, developing a strategy to the vision and driving results.

Drive Consensus for results

Strategy™ X-Ray promotes adoption and alignment to the business and their requirements through surveys, workshops, and consensus building.

Simplify decisions

Strategy™ X-Ray highlights and visualizes key decision points and risks throughout the phases of the strategy.

Align and Fund to a master plan

Strategy™ X-Ray ensures that the IT organization is prepared for the scope and effort of the strategy, whether skills, resource availability, or tools to execute the strategy.